Paying for private treatment

Self-Pay Patient Journey

Private healthcare is still accessible, even if you don't have private medical insurance. Paying for your own healthcare is a quick and simple way to immediately access the many benefits of private medical care.

When you choose to self-pay for your care at The Montefiore Hospital, your journey could not be simpler.

Contact your GP for a referral letter

Most surgically necessary procedures require a letter of referral from your GP. For a number of specialities you can also self-refer to an out-patient appointment by contacting the hospital directly. Cosmetic procedures do not require a letter of referral.

Book an appointment

Please contact The Montefiore Hospital self-pay enquiry line on 01273 828 148 for an appointment. At this stage you can choose a consultant and book a time that is convenient for you.

Take the referral letter to your appointment

Your initial appointment provides you with an opportunity to ask your consultant any questions you may have about your procedure. The consultant will also explain the risks and alternatives of treatment at this stage.

An all-inclusive fixed price is provided

Following your consultation, you will be able to book in for your treatment with the same consultant you have seen for your initial appointment. You may also book to see an additional consultant for a second opinion if required.

Great Outcomes

We know that getting a great outcome is your number one priority, whatever the procedure. This is why we will carry on providing you with the care you require for as long as you clinically need it. Terms and conditions


Please contact The Montefiore self-pay enquiry team on 01273 828 148 to book an appointment or discuss consultant/treatment options. You may also email the team on

Interest Free Loans

Representative 0% APR. An alternative way to pay for one-off treatments.