The Montefiore Hospital is open to everyone

The Montefiore Hospital is open to everyone, whether you are insured or not.

When it comes to your health you expect the very best. At The Montefiore we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our private patients - whether you are insured or paying for your own treatment.

We offer innovative treatments and first class care from an expert consultant of your choice.

We offer fast access for appointments, diagnostic tests and treatment. There is no such thing as a waiting list.

We provide in-patients with their own private room, with friends and family able to visit at anytime.

We offer restaurant standard cuisine prepared by head chef Daniel Tullett from fresh, local produce

We are committed to delivering excellent individual care and customer service to all our patients.

We welcome all patients and can offer treatments for most conditions. As a self-pay patient you don’t need private medical insurance, and for many treatments we’ll give you a single all-inclusive fixed price.