General Surgery

There are many medical conditions that are treated by general surgery. General surgeons typically perform laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery where possible for problems such as hernias and gallstones. General Surgeons usually sub-specialise in different areas such as colorectal surgery, breast surgery and varicose vein surgery.

Mr Mario Caruana

Vascular surgery
Varicose veins

Mr Shameen Jaunoo

Laparoscopic surgery
Upper GI surgery

Mr Goldie Khera

Laparoscopic surgery
Gastrointestinal surgery
Obesity Surgery

Mr Marc Lamah

Colorectal cancer, advanced colonoscopy, benign anorectal disorders

Mr Tony Miles

Colorectal surgery, Laparoscopic surgery

Mr Etienne Moore

Laparoscopic surgery, Coloproctology

Ms Heena Patel

Colorectal and General Surgery

Mr Parvinderpal Sains

Coloproctology, Laparoscopic surgery

Mr Karim El Sakka

Vascular surgery

Mr Mahmoud Salman

Vascular surgery

Mr Krishna Singh

Anti-reflux surgery
Oesophagael and stomach cancers
Upper GI surgery

Mr Mokthar Uheba

Colorectal surgery, Colonoscopy, Coloproctology, Endoscopy

Professor Syed Waquar Yusuf

Vascular surgery

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