Dr Zoe Schaedel


Private GP
Menopause specialist

Main Speciality

Private GP

Current memberships

Royal College of Surgeons

Professional Profile

I have 15 years experience as an NHS GP with expertise in menopause care, sleep problems, sexual health and contraception. I am an accredited British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist.

I work with each individual to understand how hormonal health interacts with other aspects of mental and physical health. My approach recognises the significance of individual contexts and values ensuring that individuals are offered bespoke treatment programmes.

I am passionate about education and the training of future menopause specialists. I am a trainer for the British Menopause Society and supports clinicians who want to further their knowledge on women’s health. I have also contributed to a number of national committees including the NHS England Menopause Improvement Programme. 

Sleep has become a specialist focus for me, and my presentations and masterclasses, within a range of organisations and health settings, have received national recognition. My focus is developing evidence-based treatments for persistent sleep problems, through understanding the interplay between menopause, mental health and sleep.

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