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20th November 2012

Montefiore Hospital Takes Delivery of £1 million MRI Scanner

Over £1 million of technology that will be used to diagnose medical problems was delivered to The Montefiore Hospital yesterday (18/9).

The two machines, an MRI scanner worth £1 million and a CT scanner, are among the most sophisticated models available.  Manufactured in Germany they spent the last three days travelling by road to the UK.  With the CT scanner weighing two tonnes and the MRI coming in at five tonnes, a crane was essential to lift them into the building on Montefiore Road.

Jo Bond, the Diagnostics Manager at The Montefiore Hospital, was on site during the delivery of the scanners.  She said: “This is a very exciting part of the development of the hospital as these two pieces of equipment will mean that we will have superb facilities for diagnoses.

“MRI and CT scanners have become a crucial part of the patient’s care because they provide accurate and sophisticated information enabling the doctors to have a better understanding of the whole picture.  This means that they can offer the most appropriate treatment for the patient’s problem.

“We aim to deliver an exemplary level of patient care at our hospital and the Diagnostic Suite will play a key role in this. There will be no need for our patients to have to wait for an appointment or go to a different venue for their scans – everything will be done on site.  Once the scans have been carried out, they will be able to see their consultant to discuss the next steps – be it treatment or reassurance that there is nothing seriously wrong.”

The Montefiore Hospital is located on Montefiore Road in Hove.  It is scheduled to open on October 29.  It is part of the Spire Healthcare Group of hospitals. For further information please visit spirehealthcare.com/montefiore.

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