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15th January 2013

Montefiore Hospital Gets "Green Light" for New Prostate Treatment

THANKS to a pioneering surgeon, patients with prostate problems at The Montefiore Hospital will be back on their feet much sooner after surgery.

Tim Larner has been using the Greenlight laser to reduce prostate size since 2003 and is recognised internationally as an expert in this technique.

He said: "For its relatively small size the prostate gland causes a disproportionate amount of trouble. It's about the size of a walnut in a young man but gets larger with age and its location just below the bladder can mean a knock-on effect on the waterworks. Often the symptoms can be kept at bay with medication, but this doesn't suit everyone. Sometimes the drugs themselves cause side effects, creating more problems or patients get fed up with taking pills forever more.

"Surgery to reduce the volume of the prostate can dramatically improve symptoms and quality of life. But operations are not without their downsides and traditional prostate surgery often means bleeding and a spell in hospital of several days.

"However, the Greenlight laser, while just as effective, causes virtually no bleeding. This means patients spend a much shorter time in hospital – usually just overnight – and bounce back more quickly.

"Unfortunately, the growth of the prostate is inevitable but men should no longer have to put up with the symptoms," continued Mr Larner. For further information about Greenlight laser surgery for prostate problems, please visit www.spiremontefiore.com or call 01273 828120

Article reproduced from 25/1/13 - www.brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk

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