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25th April 2014

Q&A with The Montefiore Hospital's ENT Consultants

Mr Michael O'Connell, ENT specialist, answers general Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) questions.

What are the most common ENT complaints that you see? 
"My practice covers all aspects of ear, nose and throat problems, but cosmetic nose and ear surgery, nose and sinus conditions, nasal polyps and allergic nose disease form a large part of my day-to-day work. Other common problems include ear infections, hearing loss, tonsillitis, lumps and bumps in the neck and throat, dizziness and tinnitus".

How do you approach treatment for these conditions?
"An important part of being a specialist is to recognise the unusual, or difficult cases by thoroughly assessing patients to diagnose their condition and then advise on the best treatment for that complaint. People may develop a lump in their neck or throat and worry that this may be sinister or serious, but that isn't necessarily the case. By methodically assessing the patient, their medical history and symptoms I am best able to identify their problem and commence the right treatment as quickly as possible".

Are ENT conditions easily treated?
"Most treatments are straightforward. When a patient comes for a consultation, questions are asked, recommendations are made and the benefits and potential side effects of treatment are discussed, so the patient can make an informed decision about what is best for them. Ongoing treatment will then be closely supervised.

What is your specialist interest?
"Cosmetic nose and ear surgery and nasal reconstruction are the most challenging and rewarding parts of my field. I like to continually develop my practice and introduce new techniques. Recently I have been at the forefront of a procedure using balloon technology, to effectively treat sinus disease and manage debilitating facial congestion, catarrh and headache. It has proved effective and popular and allows rapid return to daily life".

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