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17th April 2015

Orthopaedic Care at The Montefiore Hospital

For those with muscle, bone or joint problems, the hospital has an expert team of  orthopaedic consultant surgeonsconsultant radiologists  and specialist nursing staff. Offering a wide range of procedures, including hip and knee replacement surgery, the hospital houses a fully comprehensive diagnostic suite on site, with  x-rayultrasoundCT , and  MRI . This means that results can be available quickly, avoiding long waits for treatment. Diagnosing and treating a wide variety of symptoms and conditions, the hospital boasts state of the art equipment and facilities, enabling clinicians to offer the latest treatments.

Each patient has an individual treatment plan drawn up and managed by their consultant, to ensure the most appropriate and effective care for their condition and lifestyle. For procedures that require an overnight stay, patients have the luxury of a spacious en-suite bedroom, designed to make the visit as comfortable as possible.

An orthopaedic patient describes their experience of The Montefiore, “From the minute I entered the hospital, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness from every member of staff. Nurses, porters, doctors and catering staff were a delight to meet. The theatre staff were reassuring and kind and at all times. I felt in safe hands”.

Whether covered by private medical insurance or choosing to self-pay, the hospital offers patient focused care from the heart of the city.

To view our procedure prices or find out more about the hospital, please call 01273 828 148 or email montefioreinfo@spirehealthcare.com

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