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10th June 2016

A common problem that can affect us all

Mr Goldie Khera, a Consultant General Surgeon who specialises in laparoscopic (key-hole) upper GI surgery, talks about hernias - a common problem which can affect us at any age.

What is a hernia?

Hernias are lumps commonly around your abdomen and groin areas caused by a weakness of muscles and protrusion of the body's internal contents. Left to their own devices hernias can cause pain, aches, discomfort, get big and become unsightly. In rare cases, they can also cause severe pain and strangulation of bowel if it gets trapped into the hernia defect - requiring emergency surgery.

What should you do if you think you have a hernia?

If you notice any unusual lumps or bumps about your body then get in touch with a Doctor. Once a hernia has been diagnosed and other conditions excluded, then surgery needs to be considered. Make an appointment with a Consultant Surgeon to discuss your options.

What’s your best treatment option?

Laparoscopic (also known as key-hole) surgery achieves safe day case surgery with low complications and very tiny 1cm scars. Laparoscopic surgery usually allows early return to daily activities and normal function. Even though a general anaesthetic is required for the surgery, it is also ideal for day case surgery - getting you back home as soon as possible. Longer term recovery and a return to sports and daily activities is speedier following this type of surgery.

Early diagnosis is the key so get any lumps or bumps looked at by a surgeon as early treatment for hernias with laparoscopic surgery is always the best option!

Mr Goldie Khera, a Consultant General Surgeon offers private consultations at The Montefiore Hospital, Hove. Mr Khera specialises in Laparoscopic (key-hole) Upper GI and weight loss surgery. To book an appointment, call 01273 828 148 or email montefioreinfo@spirehealthcare.com.

The content of this article is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the professional medical advice of your doctor or other health care professional.

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