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25th January 2019

New Consultant Announcement - Mr Marek Ostrowksi

We are pleased to announce that we are now holding appointments with our new Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr Marek Ostrowski.

Mr Ostrowski's sub-speciality is with Breast care, Cancer care and Oncoplastic surgery. His clinical interests include diagnosis and management of all aspects of breast problems, benign breast lumps, breast pain, nipple discharge, family history, risk reducing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, breast cancer treatment: oncoplastic breast conserving surgery, mastectomy with immediate and delayed reconstruction, axillary node assessment, Breast implant exchange, augmentation, reductions and lipomodelling for correction of breast deformities and/or breast asymmety for patients having undergone breast cancer surgery in the past andTreatment of male breast enlargement (gnaecomastia)

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