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14th January 2020

Meet the team: Crystelle Howard, Senior Sister here at the Montefiore Hospital

"With almost 17 years nursing background, I have extensive experience working in acute hospital settings, initially 4 years on a multi-trauma/orthopaedic/neurosurgical ward in Perth City, Australia; then 7 years as a Band 6 Senior Staff Nurse on an Acute Neurosurgical Unit in the South of England. I have spent the last almost 4 years at The Montefiore Hospital and have held a strong clinical position on the 20 bedded surgical unit.

For a six month period I had the opportunity to work in an Acting Ward Manager role which has since transitioned into a deputy/support role. I have strong leadership skills, and take pride in my ability to manage and inspire the team I work with.  I have a strong clinical foundation and knowledge base which whilst, formed initially in an acute neurosurgical setting, has now extended to orthopaedics and a wider array of other surgical specialities.  My current role is focused on promoting clinical excellence within the team through training and knowledge advancement opportunities.

What I enjoy about my job: Healthcare, the world over has many challenges - and overcoming these challenges is what I love about my job. I am passionate about the delivery of consistent, outstanding healthcare and devoted to facilitating this in my work environment and amongst my colleagues.  I also take great pride that all my 'Montefiore family' are just as dedicated to ensuring any patients journey through our healthcare service is a positive one."

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