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17th January 2020

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

During Cervical Cancer Prevention Week we want to raise awareness of as many people as possible to know how they can reduce their risk of the disease and to educate others.

Ms Sonali Kaushik, Gynaecology Consultant at The Montefiore Hospital gives some advice regarding the smear test:

"The NHS cervical screening programme is one of the biggest success stories of health screening and has effectively reduced the death rate in women diagnosed with cervical cancer by 70-75%, since implementation in 1988. The success of health screening is based on people attending for the test.

Currently, in some areas of the country, it is reported that 1 in 3 or worse, only 1 out of every 2 women attend for their smear test. So a large number of women are missing out on a life saving test.

Doctors find that the population diagnosed with cancer of the cervix (mouth of the womb) today are mostly those women who have failed to attend for their smear test. Doctors and nurses are trained to help women feel confident and secure when they attend for their smear test. It is a test that can be performed quickly whilst preserving the patients’ dignity and can save one’s life.

It is very important that women attend regularly. Smear problems can be picked up early and treated before any abnormal changes progress to cancer. Please do not procrastinate and encourage your family and friends to contact their surgery to book an appointment especially if overdue."

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