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6th March 2020

It's Endometriosis Awareness this week!

This disease causes heavy periods, and affects the bowel and bladder, making it painful to go to the toilet. And it can also reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Often women put off going to the doctor because they think the symptoms are normal. It is also difficult to diagnose, and there is often a long delay between a woman going to a doctor about her symptoms and being diagnosed – up to six years on average.  An ultrasound examination or laparoscopy, where a small telescope is inserted into the tummy, will confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis.

Regular exercise and switching to a healthy balanced diet can help. Treatment can include the ordinary contraceptive pill or progesterone hormone to help with pain. For women with moderate to severe symptoms, or who are trying to become pregnant, keyhole surgery usually offers the best results in terms of pain relief and enhanced fertility.

At The Montefiore Hospital we offer a wide range of gynaecological treatments. To book with one of our consultants and see their areas of specialty, click here.

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