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29th January 2021

Mako robotic arm assisted surgery arrives at The Montefiore Hospital

Our orthopaedic surgeons are now be able to pre-plan surgery using Mako’s software, and accurately execute that plan in the operating room. 

It all starts with a CT scan that creates a 3D image of the patient’s unique anatomy, which is then uploaded onto the Mako system and allows our consultants to create a personalised pre-operative plan to assess and balance the joint. 

In traditional joint replacement surgery, a surgeon will rely on a standard power tool, alignment jigs and their experience to determine when enough bone has been removed. Now Mako will track the healthy and diseased bone while the robotic-arm guides the surgeon , removing bone only from the specific  areas identified during the planning phase. Moving outside the pre-determined area results in the Mako system providing real-time feedback to the surgeon.

Enabling the surgeon to remove only the diseased bone whilst preserving the healthy bone areas and tissue also helps minimize trauma to the hip or knee. 

The benefits of using Mako may include fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery times, and helping the patient return to return to an active lifestyle sooner. The lifespan of the implant may also be increased as more accurately positioned implants should last longer.

*Robotic-arm assisted surgery may not be suitable for some patients. Your consultant will help you decide what treatment is best for you.

From left to right: Karen Craker - Theatre Manager, Bryce Murphy - Head of Clinical Operations, Sindy De Jong - Anaesthetic and Recovery Lead, Jacqueline Woodhouse - Orthopaedic Lead and Gyles Dobson - Orthopaedic Co-coordinator

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