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28th June 2022

Finance Director goes back to the floor

Matt Bloomer, our Finance Director, went back to floor on the ward. These were his impressions:

"My going back to the floor day was more of a first day on the floor. Having worked at the Montefiore for almost 10 years, this was my first experience of being part of a clinical shift at the hospital. Filled with a
degree of nerves and trepidation, I was warmly welcomed by the whole team as we sat down just after 7am for the morning hand over. I was instantly impressed by how the whole handover was conducted by Alisha (night nurse) talking through each patient in turn and giving a detailed update on each one.

After the handover, I was taken under the wing of Vicki (SSN) and we visited each of the patients allocated to her for the day. It transpired that it was a fairly quiet day so only four patients, but what I noticed was how caring both Vicki and the HCAs were towards the patients and also how impressed the patients had been with the care that they had received. I had conversations with all four patients and also another gentleman who had been in for a couple of days. He too was full of praise for his care.

Overall it was a great day and good to see how hard our ward nursing team work on a day to day basis.”
- Matt Bloomer, Finance Director.

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