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10th August 2022

The Montefiore endoscopy team performs first case using the Bravo reflux monitoring system

Early this month, our Endoscopy team led by Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Susi Green, performed their very first case using the BravoTM reflux monitoring system.

“The procedure went well and we are looking forward to receiving our first reflux report and patient feedback.” – said Gosia Chmielewska, Endoscopy Manager.

What is it?

The BravoTM reflux testing system is a minimally invasive test for evaluation of heartburn or related symptoms. Our consultant will then analyse the results from this test to determine what is causing your symptoms and the treatment to prescribe for you.

How does it work?

After administering a local anaesthesia, our consultant will place BravoTM reflux capsule into your oesophagus using a delivery device. The test involves a miniature pH capsule, approximately the size of a gel cap, which is temporarily attached to the wall of your oesophagus. 

Through the test period, the capsule will measure the pH level in your oesophagus and transmit information wirelessly to the BravoTM reflux recorder, worn on your belt or waistband just like a mobile phone. Once everything is in place and you are shown how to use the BravoTM reflux recorder, you are free to go and resume your normal activities. The test period can last between 48-96 hours, depending on what the consultant requests.

Once the test is completed, you will then return the recorder following the consultant’s instructions so that the test data can be downloaded for analysis. The consultant will then analyse the data to diagnose your condition.

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