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8th November 2022

It's World Radiography Day today!

It is World Radiography Day today, celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation, by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895.

Radiographers are a vital part of a patients pathway here at the Montefiore Hospital, with most patients passing through the Diagnostics Department for an x-ray, ultrasound, mammogram, CT scan, MRI scan or fluoroscopy or theatre procedure at some point during their care.

Our Radiographers gave a tour and answered any questions the colleagues from other departments had. They even had some bone-shaped sweets and pens!

 Fun facts about our Radiography team:

  •  The 11 Radiographers on duty today have a combined experience of 225 years, ranging from 4 years to 30 years post qualification.
  •  Of the 11 Radiographers on duty today, 7 have been qualified for over 20 years.
  •  Of the 11 Radiographers on duty today, 3 have been at the Montefiore Hospital since it opened.

 Today we celebrate the experience and dedication of your Radiographers at the Montefiore Hospital!

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