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14th November 2022

The Montefiore Hospital 10 anniversary - Memory by Tracey Smith

Today we read Tracey Smith, Highly Specialist MRI Radiographer & Freedom to Speak Up Guardian. Tracey tells us about her challenges but also about the great team she worked with for these past 10 years: 

 "Like many others, I was employed to work at The Montefiore before it was even a completed hospital. The first visit wearing a hard hat and trying to visualise an imaging department was fun and who would imagine that 10 years can go by so fast. I have many, many fond memories, made all the better by working with some amazing staff over the years. The biggest challenge for me was learning and becoming a Cardiac MRI Radiographer. I’d had little exposure to anything cardiac and was resistant to say the least. When we started doing stress cardiac scans, it was hard to tell who was more stressed: me or the patients! I used to take the phone off the hook and put a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the control room door. Now we have a really successful cardiac MRI service and my knowledge has grown exponentially working with wonderful Consultant Cardiologists and Radiologists. This is all in addition to MRI scanning for other clinical reasons, my days are never dull and proud to offer the best possible scan experience for my patients along with having fun with colleagues. Here’s to the next 10 years!"

Tracey Smith - Highly Specialist MRI Radiographer & Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

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