We also want to show you the quality of the care we provide at Spire Healthcare. Click here to view the healthcare standards data for our hospital network.

We were the first private hospital provider to publish clinical performance and patient reported outcomes on our website, including information on our rates of MRSA blood infection and Clostridium Difficile infection.

We publish a wide range of performance information for each of our hospitals.

This is just one part of our programme to improve our already high standards of clinical quality and safety. All Spire Healthcare hospitals are registering with the new Care Quality Commission (which has replaced the Healthcare Commission) and are required to meet the rigorous standards they set for independent hospitals. The standards include the quality and safety of treatment, cleanliness of the hospitals, staff recruitment and training and information available to patients. 97 percent of Spire hospitals achieve all the core standards, well above the national average of 89 percent.

In November 2008 Spire Healthcare also won the Best Healthcare Outcomes Award at the 2008 Laing & Buisson Independent Healthcare Awards. Sonia King, Clinical Governance Facilitator accepted the award on behalf of clinical services teams at Spire.

Published performance measures

For each Spire Healthcare hospital we publish a range of performance measures including:

  • MRSA blood infections
  • clostridium difficile infections
  • wound infections after hip and knee replacement surgery
  • unplanned returns to theatre
  • unplanned re-admission to hospital
  • health improvement for hip replacement, knee replacement, cataract surgery, hernia repair, gall bladder surgery and hysterectomy.

We also publish ratings for the percentage of patients who would recommend our hospitals to others, dignity and respect, pain control, trust and confidence in our nurses and involvement in decisions about care and treatment.
Use the links on the right to access performance information for each Spire hospital. Click here for more information about our data.

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