Information for NHS Patients

Information for NHS Patients

The Montefiore Hospital offers treatments for NHS patients in a small number of specialties.

When your GP decides that you should see a specialist or have a diagnostic test, they may tell you it is covered by the online e-referral system (formerly choose and book). If it is, you may choose to be treated by The Montefiore Hospital, provided that we have a consultant available to treat your condition.

NHS patient pathway

Your total pathway should not exceed 18 weeks with us at The Montefiore Hospital. A typical patient pathway is as follows:

  • Initial consultations – Depending on your consultant availability, this should be carried out within 4-6 weeks from receipt of your referral.
  • Diagnostics – If required, this may take another 2-4 weeks from your initial consultation.
  • Treatment and/or surgery – If required, your consultant would book your procedure within 4-8 weeks, which will include a follow-up consultation (if required).

Please note: You may be discharged back to your GP at any stage during your pathway

If you have any questions about NHS services at The Montefiore Hospital, your NHS appointment or the e-referral system, please contact our NHS Coordinators on 01273 828 030.

Pharmacy Formulary

The Montefiore Hospital is guided by the formulary and decisions made by the Local CCG’s and Local NHS Trust Medicines Management Board for the clinical indications that we are contracted to treat. Click here to visit your Local Health Authority website.