Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is usually carried out by specialist breast surgeons who specialise in both cosmetic and medical procedures.

The Montefiore Hospital in Sussex is now offering SD-IORT™ - a breakthrough form of electronic brachytherapy for early stage breast cancer that could reduce the 15–25 daily treatment times and hospital visits required for external beam radiotherapy to just a single 10-minute procedure at the time of breast surgery. There are no radioactive isotopes involved and this treatment significantly reduces the amount of unnecessary radiation delivered to the heart and lungs (Dickler, et al. "A dosimetric comparison of MammoSite high dose brachytherapy and Xoft Axxent electronic brachytherapy," Brachytherapy (6) 2007, 164-168)

Patients who receive IORT treatment have many benefits including fewer hospital appointments, fewer side effects and better cosmetic results as reconstruction can be done right away.

Patients will be offered IORT if they meet certain criteria including their age, the stage of their breast cancer and other factors such as the size of their tumour.

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