Triple Assessment Breast Clinic

The Triple Assessment Breast Clinic is a hospital-based assessment clinic that allows for the early and rapid detection of breast cancer.

Our Triple Assessment Breast Clinic is run by Mr Charles Zammit, Consultant Breast Surgeon, on Tuesday evenings.

What happens during the appointment?

A detailed history and examination are performed by our breast surgeon. Patients are assessed and appropriate investigations such as:

  • A Mammogram - This involves compression views of the breast across two views (oblique and craniocaudal), allowing for the detection mass lesions or microcalcifications.
  • Ultrasound - Although more useful in women <35 years and in men, due to the density of the breast tissue in identifying anomalies.
  • and (if need be) a Biopsy - required of any suspicious mass or lesion and is performed at the same appointment. 

What happens after?

Patients are informed of the imaging results on the day and biopsy results are available within a week.

Do I need a referral?

Patients are referred by either phone  or email to Mr Zammit’s medical secretary.

This service is available for self-pay and private medical insured patients.

For any queries, call our team on 01273 828 148 or make an enquiry online and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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To book an appointment please call:

01273 828 148 for self-funding bookings
01273 828 030 for insured bookings

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