There are many reasons people may choose to have a tummy tuck. You may have been left with folds of skin following weight loss or pregnancy, the ageing process may have caused your skin to sag or it could simply be a stubborn area you have been unable to tighten with diet or exercise. An abdominoplasty is used to help to present a slimmer and more shapely figure.

A tummy tuck is not intended for losing weight. It is best used following weight loss achieved through diet and exercise or liposuction.

During surgery, incisions are made across the lower abdomen and around the tummy button. Excess skin and fat is then removed whilst torn muscles can be pulled together and stitched in place. Remaining skin is then stretched down and your tummy button is re-inserted in its new position.

The tummy tuck is performed under general anaesthetic so you'll be asleep during the procedure and will need to stay at the hospital for on average one to two nights and you will also need to plan some time off work to recover. You will be informed of the associated risks to recovering at home by your consultant.

Scarring occurs around the tummy button and along the top of your bikini line though this can usually be hidden by underwear. If you maintain your weight, your skin shouldn't stretch again allowing your new shape to last.

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