Blepharoplasty is the term used to describe surgery of the eyelids and eyebags. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes or reduce the heaviness of droopy eyelids, blepharoplasty is designed to give a more alert, youthful appearance. Eyelid reduction at The Montefiore Hospital can be carried out on both the upper and lower eyelid however it cannot help if you are looking to remove crow's feet or change the colour of dark shadows under the eyes. Non-surgical procedures such as anti-wrinkle fillers are better suited to improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eye socket.

People requiring blepharoplasty surgery will have excess skin, fat or muscle around the eye which needs to be removed. With upper eyelid surgery, cuts are made into the natural lines and creases in the lid and the laughter lines at the corner of your eye. On the lower eyelids, the cut is usually made just below your eyelashes meaning the scars run along your eyes natural folds helping with concealment. If it is not necessary to remove excess skin and only fat needs to be removed, the cut may be made inside the lower eyelid which results in no visible scarring.

Eyelid surgery generally takes one to two hours (sometimes a little less if you're having just the upper or lower eyelid done) and is often performed as a day case, however an overnight stay may be required. The operation will be performed either under general anaesthetic, where you are asleep during the procedure, or local anaesthetic where the area around the eye is numbed but you are awake.

Following eyelid surgery, bruising and swelling lasts for approximately three weeks. This may make your eyes feel tight and difficult to close when you go to sleep. They may also feel sticky, dry or itchy for the first week and occasionally watery for an additional few weeks, so it is vital to plan time off work to recover. You will be informed of the associated risks to recovering at home by your consultant.

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