Labial reduction surgery is necessary for patients who feel discomfort during activities such as cycling, walking, or during sexual intercourse. Patients may also be unhappy or self-conscious about the appearance of the labia minora. Whether you have always felt this way or the symptoms have developed with age or following childbirth, labiaplasty at The Montefiore Hospital could help you overcome the problem.

You will usually be awake during this one to two hour operation as it generally performed under local anaesthetic, however the area is completely numb. Any cuts that are made during the procedure are carefully placed along the rim of the labia and closed with dissolving stitches so as to prevent painful scarring.

As labial reduction is carried out as a day case, there should be no need for you to stay overnight however soreness and swelling will be present for a few days following surgery. It is therefore advisable to take a few days off work to rest and recover.

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