If your ears stick out, are too large or you are not happy with their shape, ear pinning, at Brighton and Hove's Montefiore Hospital, can reshape and make your ears less prominent.

Pinnaplasty is generally a one to two hour procedure performed by a specialist cosmetic surgeon who makes cuts behind each ear and then uses the cartilage to re-shape or fold the ear. In some instances, cartilage may be removed. When the ears have reached the desired new shape, small stitches are used to hold the ear back in its new position.

This procedure can be performed under general anaesthetic, where you are put to sleep or local anaesthetic where the area is numb but you will be awake (a sedative can be taken to help you relax if local anaesthetic is chosen) Following surgery, patients will usually be able to return home later the same day.

Pinnaplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure which can help people with prominent ears to regain confidence in their appearance. At your consultation, your specialist surgeon will explain the results you can expect to achieve and will discuss the associated risks and alternatives to pinnaplasty.

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