Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a 'nose job' can completely change the appearance of your nose if you are not happy with its size or shape.

If you feel your nose is too big, too small, too narrow or too wide, or perhaps it is crooked, has a bulbous end or a bump in it, then rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) performed in Brighton and Hove's Montefiore Hospital could be a suitable option.

There are two main types of rhinoplasty which will be discussed with you at your initial consultation. Reduction rhinoplasty is used to make the nose smaller, while augmentation rhinoplasty gives the nose more bulk or makes it larger.

The standard procedure for a reduction rhinoplasty at The Montefiore Hospital is to remove or re-arrange cartilage and bone through cuts inside your nostrils which leaves the skin on the outside of your nose untouched. If the nostrils need to be made smaller, small cuts will be made in the skin which will leave fine scars on each nostril but will help to keep your features in proportion.

Augmentation rhinoplasty is achieved by reshaping the bone through cuts inside your nostrils. If extra bone is needed to build up the nose, a graft will be taken from your hip, a rib, the back of your elbow or the surface of your skull while extra cartilage can be taken from your ears or from excess within your nose. No external cuts need to be made as the skin stretches over the new shape.

A rhinoplasty procedure generally lasts one to two hours and is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. It is often possible to leave hospital the same day, occasionally however, especially if a graft has been taken, an overnight stay of one to two nights may be required.

Following rhinoplasty surgery, pain killers can be used to minimise pain and discomfort. Bruising and swelling will appear around your eyes, with the bruising usually taking two to three weeks to settle and the swelling about three months to disappear. You will be informed of the associated risks to recovering at home by your consultant.

Following augmentation rhinoplasty, your nose will feel numb and stiff. The numbness will usually disappear within a couple of months however the stiffness is likely to be permanent, causing your nose to feel unnaturally hard. It is normal for your nose to look slightly bigger than you expected as bone grafts shrink during the first one to two years. If the graft was taken from another part of your body, you will feel some pain in that area initially and a scar will be present..

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