What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a specialised low dose radiographic examination of the breast which produces detailed soft tissue images. Our digital mammography system uses a detector and software to convert the x-rays to a high resolution image of the breast tissue, and demonstrates the breast density.

What happens during a mammogram?

During the procedure the radiographer will position your breasts in the mammography unit one at a time. Two views are taken of each breast one from above and one from the side. Your breast will be positioned on a special platform and compressed with a paddle. Compressing the breast tissue improves the diagnostic image quality but it may be slightly uncomfortable.

The whole visit will take around 30 minutes with the actual mammogram taking only a few minutes.

Your mammogram images will be interpreted by a consultant breast Radiologist who will report back to your breast specialist. Additional or alternative breast imaging for example ultrasound or biopsy may also be requested or advised by either your breast specialist surgeon or breast radiologist.

If you are younger and have denser breast tissue, you may instead be offered an ultrasound scan.

Preparing for a mammogram

A mammogram does not require any preparation but we understand that having a mammogram can potentially be a time of anxiety and worry. Our experienced and caring medical staff will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you are concerned about anything prior to your exam, please contact our diagnostic team for more information.

Having a mammogram at The Montefiore Hospital

At The Montefiore Hospital you can be treated even if you don't have private medical insurance. With a fixed price agreed in advance you can pay for one-off private treatment when you need it. Please note; a referral from a breast consultant is required before we can book a mammogram or breast ultrasound.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call our diagnostics team on 01273 828 088.

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