Endocrinology is the branch of medicine involved with the study of hormones and endocrine glands. Hormones produced in one part of the body can affect other parts. Endocrinologists deal with the diseases that are caused by problems with hormones.

Our endocrinologist has expertise in dealing with a number of common issues including:

  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Thyroid nodules and malignancy
  • Parathyroid and adrenal lesions
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue

As well the above, more specialist work involving thyroid nodules and cancer, obesity, prolactinoma, insulin resitance, neuroendocrine tumours, and endocrine disorders in pregnancy are undertaken.

Our services are available to all, whether you are privately insured or you are paying for your own treatment. If the latter, we can offer a private treatment for a fixed price agreed in advance.

To book a consultation with one of our Consultant Endocrinologists please complete our online enquiry form or call:
01273 828 148 for self-funding bookings
01273 828 030 for insured bookings