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13th January 2022

We're celebrating our 200th Mako robotic-arm procedure

It’s been just over a year since Mako robotic-arm arrived at our hospital and we are now celebrating our 200th procedure!

In January 2021, our orthopaedic surgeon Mr Sandeep Chauhan, performed the first surgery using Mako’s software to pre-plan and accurately execute that plan in the operating room.

“We are delighted that our robotic knee programme has enhanced the results of so many patients so quickly. Our team of surgeons and hospital staff are excited by our 200th case and our patients have been delighted by the results.” Said orthopaedic consultant Mr Sandeep Chauhan.

 As we achieve this milestone, we look back at some of the inspiring patient stories along the way:

·         Hugh Thompson has first operation with the assistance of the new Mako robotic arm

·         Anne Priborsky - Partial left knee replacement with the assistance of the new Mako robotic arm

 If you would like to know more about how it all works, visit the following link:

Mako robotic arm assisted surgery arrives at The Montefiore Hospital

Orthopaedic Consultant Mr Sandeep Chauhan

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